At Your Best •Eazy E (Editing)

At Your Best •Eazy E (Editing)

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Erin (Picture in MM)
March '88

'All Night Long' by Mary Jane Girls blasted in my room. Even though the song was about five years old, I still love it so much. I'm glad it is Friday evening. I'm finally allowed to go to the studio with Dre, my step brother. My momma should be on her way to work. My other step brother, Tyree, is probably out with his friends.

Me and Tyree are both 17 years old. It's like my mom isn't so strict on him like she is to me. I guess it's because I am a female living in Compton. I brushed my hair back into a ponytail and tied it with my favorite white scrunchie. Dre walked over to my record player and turned my music off.

"Come on.",Dre demanded

I put on my shoes and headed out the door with Dre. I had nothing better to do, so I finally asked Dre could I come along one day. Of course, it took some convincing. He feels like I shouldn't be around his friends as much but, I'm not fast at all. Besides, his friends weren't my type at all.

Dre and I got inside t...

iTupac iTupac Dec 22, 2015
Lmao, Aww! E, already all protective, and sh*t. That's cute.
Drunk_In_Lovee Drunk_In_Lovee Dec 21, 2015
BOTH is mf me lmfao when im hungry i be angry af when i dont get my way i have temper tantrums