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My ULTIMATE boyfriend! (Dangan ronpa X reader)

My ULTIMATE boyfriend! (Dangan ronpa X reader)

11.9K Reads 295 Votes 5 Part Story
Hope hope hope! By XxUltimate_GuesserxX Updated May 20, 2016

Ultimates! Ultimates EVERYWHERE!!!
This story is about YOU and your Ultimate perfect match! (So punny XD) it'll be a series of stories about the dangan Ronpa boys and Reader-chan NOT ONE SHOTS! You'll see what i mean if you read it! Please enjoy!
P.S. This is my first X reader so plz no hate!
P.P.S. Language!!!

giginikki2 giginikki2 Feb 16
Ultimate Huntress :3
                              Ultimate killer
                              Ultimate artist
                              Ultimate traveler
                              Ultimate singer
                              Ultimate dancer
                              And Ultimate Chef
Ultimate Shipper
                              Or weirdo
                              Or crazy person
                              Or always comes second or worst 
                              Sounds right
jllsfrncs jllsfrncs Dec 20, 2016
*wakes up early in the morning to some random biker dude telling me that i have nice tits*
                              *accepting this*
MirandaFD MirandaFD Dec 02, 2016
Run ther you hear a Gun shot.... Man your stupid if you do that...
raven3607 raven3607 Oct 11, 2016
Hey guys there is a danganronpa rp going on by acalmmind0-0. check it out. 7 spots left. HURRY!!!!
GirIipIier GirIipIier Feb 18
                              I CAN DANCE AND SING AND SHIZ.       \{•∆•}\