Mafia Mistake

Mafia Mistake

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Isabella By MyLife_As Updated 5 days ago

One night was all it took for Alessa's life to be thrown into the world of a dangerous Italian Mafia Boss ,who takes an interest in her - out of love ? Or out of money? 

Angelo Dimitri , the biggest bachelor in Italy. Know for his brooding and ruggedly charismatic demeanor, any woman would fall into his arms at a glance of his deep ocean eyes. Yet, he treats women that fall into his bed like broken dolls, discarding them the next morning, leaving them heart broken and ashamed.

Then there's  Alessa Georgio. A stunning Greek model. She has everything a young woman could ask for- A perfect dream job, luxurious lifestyle along with the striking personality that oozes charisma. 

But when drawn back to her family name, she discovers the truth that lurks in the dark corners of her family. She discovers that her world isn't as it seems.

Alessa, forced into Angelo's life- he comes face to face with a matter of love or power. However, everyone has there own secrets, some are deeper buried than others.

Can Alessa break down the walls of this hard hearted Italian ? Or will she simply another bump in the road of women for Angelo?


anitacrida anitacrida Dec 29, 2015
This story is good
                              I keep on imagining her with a British wysidia
Jadesselle Jadesselle Dec 24, 2015
This book looks so good, so I'll read it tomorrow due to me being tired. But, this is such a good chapter!