A Wonderful Life  (NatsuxReader)-Discontinued

A Wonderful Life (NatsuxReader)-Discontinued

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Maia063 By Maia063 Updated Jan 13

You are 10 years old now
It was raining yet somehow my house was still on fire. I went to the nearest store with my brother B/N (Brothers Name) he was the only thing I had left. When we went into the shop I asked him, " what are we going to do now". B/N: I dont know. Sortly after that day my brother died. But that was 6 years ago.

You are 16 now still ur POV
I sat on the couch watching Fairy tail waiting on my witch mother to come  home. When she did come home she brought back a type of potion and she told me to drink it. The last thing i saw before I blacked out were her 2 Blue eyes.

Authors note
Okay it was sort but i wasnt sure what else to write... there will definitly be more in the next chapter. 

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KaiCuo KaiCuo May 01, 2017
I have a sister.... If I had a brother... His name would Jamie
ThatPinkPony2 ThatPinkPony2 May 31, 2017
Whenever Natsu smiles, I smile too. I think it's just because smiles are contagious and show others that I trust you.
Lee_The_Writer Lee_The_Writer Aug 13, 2017
I read the word raining and automatically; ITS RAINING SOMEWHERE ELSE; UNDERTALE; SANS; YEEET *fangirl*
                              Help me xD
_TaeXTae_ _TaeXTae_ Nov 21, 2017
I have brothers but one of my best friends will be my brother in this story
solarrhoseok solarrhoseok Aug 12, 2017
Deji is my brother... I'M KSI NOW! Jk...
                              I'll go die in a corner now...
1800-fuck-you 1800-fuck-you Aug 04, 2016
Now its time for you to know why all my crushes die... *eyes glow red while I pull out a bat*