A fairys life at sea (fairy tail and one piece crossover) DISCONTINUED!!!

A fairys life at sea (fairy tail and one piece crossover) DISCONTINUED!!!

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KITCC14 By Kitcc14 Updated Aug 01, 2016

Lucy is being Ignored by everyone in the guild but her true friends. She thinks it's not so bad at first but when lissana came back people didn't just ignore her it was like she's a ghost.

When Lucy starts to run out of money because team natsu keep ignoring her to, she went on a mission to get some kind of flower. The flower sprayed something  on her and after completing the mission and going back to fairy tail she stated to disappear!

Like actually disappear!

The more people ignored her the more her presence in fairy tail started to fade and when team natsu kicked her out she disappear for good.

When Lucy woke up she was falling into a boat in the middle of nowhere when two long arms grab onto her and bringers her to the boat softly.

Then Lucy lives her life as a one piece pirates and starts to get feelings for 'him'
But what if the one piece pirates (including lucy) starts to fade (back) to the fairy tail world.
Hope you like it(≧∇≦)\(^o^)/

Um no thanks. As much as i like lisanna, i still think nalu is better
I now it like this "You want my treasour  (dont now how to write it😆😆😆😅) you can have it i left everything i gathert to gether in one place now you just have to find it" am I going crazy 😓😓
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Dec 21, 2015
Also @EllaNora12 you really should it's an epic series but I prefer fairy tail
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Dec 21, 2015
I'll try my best but should I have them get attacked or should I have the next chapter a side story where Lucy learns how to fight
EllaNora12 EllaNora12 Dec 21, 2015
Nice! I should probably start watching one piece now... I've been planning on it for ages but kept forgetting ,  it sounds cool tho. UPDATE SOON!