Rise Of The Deathbreaker (Deathbender Book 2)

Rise Of The Deathbreaker (Deathbender Book 2)

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Sequel to 'The First Deathbender'. Once again saying goodbye to Kuzon, Kila has now all but mastered water. Her firebending could still use work, but it's time to find an earth bending teacher. 

But Kila has other problems on her hands. Her conversation with the dragon spirit Kzazul has left her with questions yet to be answered. Who is Ji'Anni? Why must she seek him out? Will her new mission separate her from her friends? Can she ever master deathbending? 

Join Kila's adventure to master her terrifying power and unlock secrets long lost. Can she pursue her own quest and still help the avatar with his? And does she have the power to uncover a massive threat in the heart of the fire nation before it's too late?

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Foreshadowing! SECRET TUNNEL!!! Secret tunnel! Through the mountains! Secret secret secret tuNNEL!
- - Dec 03, 2015
He said that and I thought 'two girls and two boys in a cave of love not smart'
Atla12 Atla12 Dec 01, 2015
I will always comment and vote for this story!! Just so you know!!! :)
Atla12 Atla12 Nov 28, 2015
Wooohooo!!! I love this!!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!!! I love this series! The first and this one is just purely perfection! :)