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Demons Toy (BoyxBoy) {Completed}

Demons Toy (BoyxBoy) {Completed}

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Glarchi By Glarchi Completed

Alexander was just an average teen, minding his own business and walking back home from school on his regular route. It was there that he met a tall stranger, and they began conversating. The guy seemed a little strange, had a peculiar aura that engulfed him, but Alex wasn't one to be picky about people. 

But that one conversation started something that Alexander never expected.

Alyssa62703 Alyssa62703 Jan 13
Omg you literally just described my friends sister that's even her name😂😂
Romefire15 Romefire15 Jan 15
Cause he looks like he is in his 20's or like late 20's so definitely not highschool material
Romefire15 Romefire15 Jan 15
He is hoooottt. No wonder cause u know he going to highschool looking like that
missy-cat missy-cat Feb 10
Okay, I'm sorry, but I HAVE to make a Hamilton reference lmao
                              MY NAME IS ALEXANDER HAMILTON
I read it and was very confused. Then, I realized that you used the Latin alphabet and face palmed. 😂
shoey102 shoey102 Feb 14
If someone wore sunglasses to my school the teacher would rip them off their face and tell them to stop trying to look cool