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lovely // phan

lovely // phan

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chelsea 🍥 By iliwysphan Completed


"I'm colour blind." 

"hi colour blind, I'm dan." 


I read the little description and said out loud, "I'm colorblind," "Hi colorblind I'm dad" (lol Dan brain. Dan. Not dad, Dan!)
Im_not_clay Im_not_clay 2 days ago
Why is everyone saying "me" and "same"
                              It's so fûking annoying, please stop
katifying katifying Feb 20
I read this as "Resting my hands on his lap" and was like THIS IS MOVING ALONG QUICKLY AYYY
hellomsmile hellomsmile 5 days ago
Why is dad jokes dads telling the joke, but yet mom jokes are about the mom?? R00d
hellomsmile hellomsmile 5 days ago
OMG MY CHILDHOOD THO....... *shudders* it was kinda SHÎT tbh