The Pure Blood Vampire Huntress | 18+ |Book 2|✔

The Pure Blood Vampire Huntress | 18+ |Book 2|✔

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K. A. Young By SerenityR0se Completed


The Blood Magic Series |Book 2|

2017 Fiction Award Winner for Best Series. 


When Evicka is two, her mother and her are sent away to a safe house. Every coven leader wants them dead, especially her. She is the very first pure blood vampire hunter, a dangerous crossbreed to the rest of the vampire world.

One night, a raid takes place in their home and Evicka is hidden away, while her mother stands against the intruders. A pure blood vampire takes her mother away, but she has no idea who it is.

Her father has always been shrouded in mystery. Evicka has been told numerous times, that if she were to know her father, it would jeopardize both of their lives. Everyday she asks herself, why?

It has been 200 years since the vampires made their presence known, enslaving human kind.

Evicka plans on tracking down every coven leader and slaughtering them, including the King, until she finds her mother. But, not without raising a small army of hunters by her side.


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#20 in Vampire

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Cover by: @Forcade

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kittenpanquakes kittenpanquakes May 03, 2017
Just finished the first book can't wait to see where this one goes!
LindaUnique LindaUnique Feb 24
lol Zak, I feel you on being difficult but you might now want to provoke a room full of vamps in a world with no protection against them, js
swxrly swxrly Jun 23
which reminds me. since locaine is the only one known to be able to control a slave, has she ever tried to connect the dots that she’s somehow their child?
But can't she just control the blood of the vampires from within instead of cutting her hand???
LindaUnique LindaUnique Feb 24
Whoa...wait... how? Locaine is probably going crazy! Money on Blaise, he was too fascinated with Annika
At least there is someome who wants to save others rather than keeping themselves safe