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My brothers best friend

My brothers best friend

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Thing_2 By tinkerbelle818 Completed

"What are you doing?" I asked. 
"Doing what I should've done last night" He answered. He grabbed my face gently with his hands and crushed his lips against mine. I gripped the sides of his shirt and kissed him back. He pulled away and smirked. He pulled away completely from me and my arms dropped to my sides. 
"Daniel come on" Carter called out to him. 
"Babe?" A girls voice called out. I frowned. 
"I'll be right down" He yelled back. I looked at the ground. 
"I'm not a toy" I said to him. 
"I know you're my best friends little sister" He replied. I shook my head as he left.

While they are arguing over the bigger piece and not looking I'm just like well it's going to go cold and take it. No more arguing 😂
did anyone else read irwin on accident?? like ashton irwin??
Megally123 Megally123 Apr 01
"Say it louder baby" lmfao girl probably got her a set of tities and a fat ass sooo me
Honestly I wish my mom was like hers because I am a fat asś and needs food but my mom argues with me SHE ARGUED ABOUT HOW IIIIII LIKE MYYYYY STEAK BITĆH WHAT THE FÛCK I LIKE IT MEDIUM RARE NOT RARE I LIKE THE BLOOD THAT SQUEEZES OUT OF IT GAHHHHDDDDDDD
Did u mean Daniel cuase that would mean her brother just ya know yea
Xx_aly27_xX Xx_aly27_xX Feb 26
so um..... what in wondering is if her brother is 18 and she is 15 how old is Daniel cause if he is 18 then OOUUUUUU