Captive Of Darkness (On Hold)

Captive Of Darkness (On Hold)

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M.J. Meadows By M-Jaclyn-Meadows Updated Feb 24, 2017

The stranger led Breanna out into the main hallway. Breanna assumed he is her master for the week. "Put this on." He says, handing her a long black trench coat. "I don't want anyone looking at what is mine." The man leads Breanna outside toward a sleek black limo. "After you, number twenty-three." He says as he opens the back door.

"Now, I'd like to establish some rules before we get to my place." He says. "You are to call me X when we are alone or around others like us." Breanna nods.

"Yes, sir, X sir." Breanna corrects herself.

"You are to do as I tell you and will only obey others when I give you permission, understood?"

"Yes, X." Breanna nods, making sure to avoid eye contact.

"Now, if we happen to be in public or if we are around average people, you are to address me as Mr. X, understood?" Breanna nods.

"Yes, X." Breanna says as X grins.

"And lastly, you are to look at me when I am speaking." He says sternly as he grips Breanna's chin and forces her to look at him. Breanna gasps in surprise. His face is handsome, his jaw sharp. Breanna stares at his golden hair in admiration. He smirks.

"Yes, X." Breanna whispers. 

***This story is marked as mature. It contains graphic descriptions of violence and sexual situations. Read at your own risk.

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ivyjar ivyjar Dec 01, 2015
Amazing! It pulls the reader in, making them ask questions. Good start.
M-Jaclyn-Meadows M-Jaclyn-Meadows Nov 29, 2015
Thanks, sorry it's so short, it's a work in progress :) thanks for the votes. :)
mandoysmoysoy mandoysmoysoy Nov 29, 2015
You should make the chapters longer than one page. :) it's really great so far!
mandoysmoysoy mandoysmoysoy Nov 29, 2015
Interesting start. Wish it was a little longer but great detail!