A Silent Trust Neji Hyuga Love Story

A Silent Trust Neji Hyuga Love Story

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Your P.O.V

My current mission, or rather my current position is in the air ducks, of the rich and i mean stinken, filthy, over loaded, drug lord himself riches office.

For being a drug lord of the whole city's underground operation, he should really have better security. I guess he never figured anyone would come up through the vents. Plus the fact that he kills any person who dares to cross him. Yeah, that probably makes him feel so sure of himself.

My mission is to get evidence that he is involved in all of this drug dealing and suspicious murders. That some how have no D.N.A evidence on the scene. I'm supposed to record or take some documents and you know get out alive. That shouldn't be too hard.

Patience, you defiantly have to have patience while working on the job. I mean seriously, i've been sitting all scrunched up her in this air vent for hours. Luckily training helps or i would have gone crazy long ago, hhhmm....ok check that i have already gone crazy, but i keep my sanit...

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PaigeRobertson952 PaigeRobertson952 Jun 09, 2017
Two things 
                              1. I would die in there because in claustrophobic
                              2. What is this 'sanity' you speak of?
I think it's 'ducts', cuz 'duck' is either the animal or the GET DOWN SOMETHING'S COMING duck.
RKPanimelover RKPanimelover Jun 09, 2017
That sounds like a good idea, I mean who doesn't want to get out alive?
boredartists boredartists Nov 03, 2017
I'm sorry, sanity? I've never heard such a strange term before... would you care you explain?
"oh you didn't bring the money huh? I told you Enrique, today was your last day. RASENGAN."
Niya_Fullbuster Niya_Fullbuster Apr 10, 2016
This is so cool its like a real mission she's like a spy!!!! It's awesome