Yandere OC 's x Reader (One-shots)

Yandere OC 's x Reader (One-shots)

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Shen👓💐 / Xiu👓🗡 Yueliang By ShenTheBluePancake Completed

You are his love. You are his everything. You are his world. He will do anything for you, protect you, love you harder.

He is a YANDERE!

Get ready to date with different yandere boys... and be careful. They may KILL YOU!

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user76855462 user76855462 Dec 03, 2018
Eeew don't touch me with someone else's Deasies! 
                              Not cool man!  ( ̄‐ ̄)んー
                              (If you get this reference i give you virtual hugs)
Lightning_Azalea Lightning_Azalea Dec 01, 2018
Funny I have a friend named Kenny but he’s quite the opposite
Ok I got you buuuut you have to buy me some pocky in exchange
Undertalexe Undertalexe Dec 18, 2018
Oh he'll no.
                              Botch, you goddamn KNOW ill break those rules in 3 seconds
user76855462 user76855462 Jul 28, 2018
* disappears just like spider man in infinity war* I'M OUT Mr.stark