What's Wrong With Me.. [ SamGladiator FANFIC ]

What's Wrong With Me.. [ SamGladiator FANFIC ]

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Jaoxy By Jaoxy40 Updated Aug 20

Sam got a nightmare. He felt something was wrong with him.

Suddenly he found out what was wrong with him.

He started to lie and talk alone to himself, twitch slightly and acting weird and his friends noticed him getting weirder everyday.

He endures and copes the feeling of ________ without the help and know of his friends.

What will happen soon? Will his friends know about his condition? Will they ignore him and act everything was normal? Will they help him? Or  will they abandon him?

Find out what happens next..

Hey guys! Its me, Jaoxy40! And this is "What's Wrong With Me.."

[There is now a rewrite in this story, its still found in this book so dont worry about finding it]

This could be a Sam x Taurtis fanfic also together with an Dark and Insane Sam..

Though I will not say anything more.. mwuahahah

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I think she says something more like "In the spirits", but, then again, I don't know when this was made
snow_cherry_4909 snow_cherry_4909 Jun 04, 2016
I don't think you need approval to go to the clinic if you can barely get your words out cause of coughing
Mercy_The_Savior Mercy_The_Savior Mar 25, 2016
I was trying to imagine it in my head and every time taurtis kissed Sam 
                              I need hrlp
snow_cherry_4909 snow_cherry_4909 Jun 04, 2016
Honestly, if I saw or heard that, I'd yell ' god, just make out already!'
                              Trust me, I've done that before
One known fact is that in japan culture they say last name to first name
                              (Noo one care :(
Basmine4ever Basmine4ever Jun 06, 2016
I love sorrows where SAMs insane maS (sam's insane side) is my favorite thing ever