Attack Of Fairy Tail

Attack Of Fairy Tail

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Potatoe~Chan By AbieeA Updated Mar 31, 2016

Lucy Heartfillia, a former mage at Fairy Tail, was kicked out of Team Natsu because of Lisanna's return 2 months ago. She discovers that she was the Universal Queen and unlocks her new powers. 

She is yet to be surprised. Her only living relative, aunt Lylian, lives in a place full of Titans. She decided to help humanity rid the world of Titans. With the help of the Survey Corps, Fairy Tail, and her powers.


Hey, if you are reading this then this is my VERY first fanfic. It's a mix between Fairy Tail and Attack On Titan. Yes, it's a LuVi ship so go away haterss!! Lol, jk. Lisanna's mean here so pls hav merci and no hate. :D

I don't own Attack On Titan or Fairy Tail. They belong to Hiro Marshima and Hajime Isayama! The story is mine though!!!

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I would be like 
                              'Where the hell is your evidence that I did THIS to that thing of moldy lasagna that needs to be thrown out?Hmm..?Thats what I thought so you don't know what I've been doing since I left that crāp party'
Huh? JSHFHEHD Lemme talk to Lisanna privaletly! *pretending to be calm*
💢💢💢 I like Lisanna in the anime but nit in the fanfics
Natsu go back to the hole you came from and tell your mama that you some manners and that you know how to treat a lady
IAmABookDragon777 IAmABookDragon777 Dec 02, 2016
Umm, she (supposedly) hurt Lisanna and yet you're calling her weak. Tf Natsu, get your facts straight.