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The Alpha's Mate

The Alpha's Mate

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parseltonquinq By parseltonquinq Updated Nov 27, 2015

"Care to explain?" Adrian's familiar husky voice comforted me.

"We were going to wait until later to tell people," Diesel said calmly.

"Tell people what?"

Diesel's eyes flit toward me, "Rose and I are a couple."

Adrian's jaw clenched once again and I actually feared for Diesel's life at the expression of pure and utter fury that crossed his handsome features. His muscles rippled even more than before and his biceps bulged. It didn't take a genius to realize that Adrian was not happy for Diesel and I.


Rose moves to Seattle to live with her brother when her parents' constant bickering goes overboard. While in Seattle, she attends Thunderview High and meets the Chandlers. She gets caught between two brothers, Adrian and Diesel. Neither brother is normal, yet both hold an important piece of her heart. As time wears on, she realizes there's much more to Seattle than meets the eye. She deals with a temperamental alpha, dangerous rogues, confusing feelings, and werewolves.

(Sequel to You Are Mine, but you don't need to read YAM to understand this book. It's incomplete and I'm not yet sure if I'll finish it. If there are enough requests, I'll probably consider it.)

sugaamomma sugaamomma Apr 15, 2016
Please read my story! I just started writing and I'm updating every couple of hours! Thanks!
alyssa_swagger alyssa_swagger Jun 01, 2016
How tf is 5"6' short seeing as that is the average height for a female...
XxRennyDxX XxRennyDxX Jun 19, 2016
How is 6 foot short I'm only 5foot!!!!!! He'd be a giant next to me!!!!!!!!! I'm also 16
danbottoms2k16 danbottoms2k16 Apr 22, 2016
The first three questions I  ask when I stay at someone's place:
                              1. Do you have any animals?
                              2.  Can I pet them?
                              3. I'm taking them home with me this isn't a question it's a demand
Trap_goddesses Trap_goddesses Apr 13, 2016
wolvesandskittles wolvesandskittles Feb 08, 2016
Lol I had to do a report on wolves in fifth grade too. I could have done it on any animal yet I was drawn to do it on wolves for some reason. Then after that wolves became my favorite animal and I don't know why I chose to do wolves that day but I'm glad I did.