Sasuke Uchiha x Reader ONE SHOTS!

Sasuke Uchiha x Reader ONE SHOTS!

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Kassandra Free By KawaiiAnimeSenpai Updated Dec 22, 2017

Sasuke Uchiha - a character in Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden who just had to be smart, sexy and charming in which had been making girls fall off their heels since 1999.

Reader-chan - a kawaii otaku and her senpai is Sasuke, has extreme hots for the guy since she had started watching the anime. 

And now she wants to read some love fantasies of her and Mr. Uchiha. 

Also intends to be Mrs. Uchiha.

Does this make Author-chan a stalker? 
No. It was obvious ever since Reader-chan selected this book.

Enjoy! ^_^



I gave up on this book.

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WolfPackLeader2004 WolfPackLeader2004 Jul 18, 2017
I feel as if this is/would be me in high school if I went Rouge
katana-chan_313 katana-chan_313 Jul 19, 2017
I just learnt what was yaoi, lemons, etc when I started reading. Lol, my bad. 😅 
                              but chill brah, you sound angry.
Aaaannnnddddd YOU GET A FOLLOW, I feel like people really needed to hear what you just said!!! Also, the period thing got me XD that was clever
JaeHyun26 JaeHyun26 Jan 26, 2017
I prefer the true Sasuke Uchiha in anime or manga. Sasuke isn't the guy who loves someone and doesn't particulary like someone. Sasuke is an avenger 😍😍 He doesn't have a dream cause he will make it a reality 😂😂😍😍
unseeninsane unseeninsane Nov 21, 2016
Also some peoples....tastes... Are a little "out there". And most of the childrens shows have adult themed undercurrents and innuendos.
unseeninsane unseeninsane Nov 21, 2016
I agree completely. Im strict on what my kids cant watch for that exact reason and my husband and i arent letting them have phones and will have limited internet access until theyre 14. Kids are exposed to adult things too spon anymore.