Freaky Frank and Casper The Ghost // Frerard

Freaky Frank and Casper The Ghost // Frerard

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Gerard Way dies tragically one night, with many many regrets.

After he wakes up again, but as a ghost, he can do nothing but continue to reside in his old home, ignoring the potential buyers who come for his house and being ignored right back. It's just routine at this point. And it doesn't really bother him much anyway. He never was one for human contact.

And then Frank Iero, complete with freaky tattoos, shows up and moves into Gerard's house.

Gerard doesn't want him there, he wants him gone. Frank only wants to make friends with the weird little ghost who keeps doing weird things around his house.

After a while as Frank's weird ghost roommate, however, he and Frank are both starting to realise that they have bigger things to worry about than each other.


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n00dle- n00dle- Oct 23, 2017
this is very good but i wish it actually had paragraphs - it has quite a few spelling mistakes too
justatrashcant justatrashcant 2 days ago
I want Satan scented candles
                              Where do you get them?
Sounds like a husband's poor excuse to his wife for why he was late 🤣
Aww he didn't have any famous last words? Damn Gerard, u failed
GuessTheWhovian GuessTheWhovian Nov 30, 2017
I remember reading this one a while ago, and I just found it again--
imagoodbean imagoodbean Oct 30, 2017
My winged tips waltz across naive (finish the lyrics if you know the song)