The Ranger in the Woods (2p! Italy X Reader)

The Ranger in the Woods (2p! Italy X Reader)

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Vinyl Scratch By DubStepBrony1987 Updated Mar 22, 2016

(Y/N), Antonio, Francis, and Gilbert have been the closest of friends since they were tiny little kids.  Now, they are older and are soon to go to college.  Different colleges.

To make up for the time they will miss, they all spend the summer together on a 3 month camping trip.  They arrive at the camping grounds, eventually figure out how to set up the tent, and, of course, tell scary stories.  

Gilbert's story is about a mysterious figure known as "the ranger".  The ranger roams the camp grounds that they are at and kidnaps innocent people.  (So original, you're going to give me nightmares Gilbert).  Antonio insists that this is just a bunch of fables from inside Gilbert's head, but after (Y/N) comes across an unlikely stranger, they aren't so sure.

Could this stranger be the ranger?  Or could it be someone that they wouldn't ever expect?

If I saw him I would just scream "My body is ready!" And then run away
Ka-chan_nya Ka-chan_nya Aug 05
I like his cold attitude. I most fanfictions his attitude is from the start kind towards the reader but in this story I like the way he talks. Good job author-chan! ヽ(´▽`)/
Nope......buuuuut if your Italian, by any chance do you serve pasta?!
Um excuse me but maybe it could be camp crystal lake you know Jason voorhees from Friday the 13th
Ka-chan_nya Ka-chan_nya Aug 05
Oooh now I got it. I just got a flashback. The mysterious man in Prussia's story didn't gave his name to the girl, that's why he didn't gave us his name. Ooo now I get it ヽ(´▽`)/
Thanks for the story of nope, though id rather not meet nope nopington ever