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Faker | Muke

Faker | Muke

117K Reads 8.9K Votes 42 Part Story
. By 1995mgc Completed

"What do you mean Michael was seen with another guy?" Luke asked, looking over at Calum with furrowed brows and hurt expression. "That doesn't make sense, he wouldn't cheat on me."

"I don't know what is going on... I'm just as confused as you are Luke."


Where Michael and Luke have been outed by a few drunken photos that got leaked from their phones. Now that their relationship has supposedly gone public, their management has decided to take matters into their own hands and only giving Michael an ultimatum. 

The band or Luke. 

Well, Michael chose the band... Choosing the band resulted in giving Michael a beard to prance around the city with and expect people to believe he's dating a moderately famous person to bring more publicity to the band. Leaving Luke broken hearted with no explanation on to why any of this is happening so suddenly or why Michael moved out of their apartment or why Michael isn't the same Michael anymore.

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