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The Asexuality And Aromantic Spectrum And My Experiences

The Asexuality And Aromantic Spectrum And My Experiences

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Katie By 5moreminutesmom Updated Jul 08

**Wattys 2017!!**

This is for the people who are really freaking confused about the asexuality and aromantic spectrum. I will go over the many, MANY orientations under the ace/aro umbrella in detail, and don't hesitate to ask questions!
(Also, the cover is the asexual and aromantic pride flags, in case it's difficult to see)

RaveParty RaveParty May 19
As an asexual that is the most confusing statement I've ever heard lol
KatRobber KatRobber Jun 02
I experience aesthetic attraction for both genders but i currently say I'm aro and ace
mellomeew mellomeew a day ago
I experience a lot wow, never thought about this being 'a thing'
Im new to all this and I was wondering if the "types" of attraction can be mixed? kinda gray ace and demi to put an example idk, I'm babbling and its written  😅😐
- - May 09, 2016
Thank you so much for explaining sensual attraction, I didn't know the name for it and I've been feeling it for a girl I know for a while.
Primette Primette Nov 30, 2016
Aesthetic Attraction: let's say every girl in my home has this once or fifteen times a day. me, just romantic attraction. I can see my crush and I living forever, but the thought of us having sex creeps me out.