The Popular Kid ~ Mario Selman

The Popular Kid ~ Mario Selman

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"I want you to know that I'm very sorry for everything I did."

(Mario Selman fanfic)

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Thats my name but iys spelled a little different its like this- Jazmin
brooklynwyd brooklynwyd Sep 21
She said excuse me bish, like what you say when a nasty fart comes outta yur crusty bootyhole
shookmario shookmario 2 days ago
oK NO MARIO IS DADDY 😩😩😩😩👊👊👅👅👅👅👀👌💀😻💖😜😊
That is my sister's name. Her name is spelled Jazmyn. I know how to spell here name 'cause once she forgot how to spell it
shookmario shookmario 2 days ago
he's dating mario. thats why him and tiffany aren't going out anymore. because she caught him cheating. that other hoe just hasn't found out yet
pren i've been reading this months ago and i remember just now that like weeks ago when i watched mario's tour blog i saw you omg