Adopted By Phan

Adopted By Phan

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a train wreck By Iiterally Updated Jun 09, 2016

"Hello Avery, i'm Phil, and this is Dan, and we're considering adopting you."

Avery Wilson's life is turned upside down one day when two tall strangers showed up at her foster home out of the blue, wanting to adopt her.

Avery is whisked away into the world of dan and phil, only to find herself surrounded by drama from her past. 
But she'll be okay. She does have a brilliant pair of dads now to help her through it.

This fanfiction will be updated every Thursday at around 5:30 pm EST but don't quote me on that, i'm a forgetful being. 

Also the amazing cover was done by @amzzz18 so i'd appreciate it immensely if you went and followed her.

intensestaring intensestaring Dec 15, 2016
                              CHAMPAGNE POURING OVER US
                              ALL MY FRIENDS, WE'RE GLORIOUS
My blanket is in my mouth and it's stopping me from screaming
*accepts best mum of the year award* and I would like to thank Brendon's forehead for taking up space, and Ryan for being a strong boy holding the milk for me
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I literally just fangirled and im in the car and i had to fake choking cuz my dad is driving