Shoelaces | JiHan

Shoelaces | JiHan

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"Jeonghan! You forgot to tie your shoelaces again!" 


Jeonghan was a very clumsy boy. He also had a shot memory. So because of that, he'd always forget to tie his shoelaces and fall. Every single effing day. It was never on purpose at first. It was so annoying. But when Jeonghan's all time crush, Joshua (whom he prefers to call Jisoo) bothers himself to remind Jeonghan, the boy began forgetting to tie his shoelaces on purpose. After all, he'd do anything to hear Joshua's voice.

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halfkook halfkook Jul 14, 2017
i can imagine jeonghan during the boyfriend pic falling i'm-
EmoFluffyTurtle EmoFluffyTurtle Jul 30, 2017
My friend gets annoyed whenever I talk about Jisoo. I get so sad because like come on-- whO doES noT liKE jisooS?
A person who didn't like Joshua didn't exist in the whole world
agustdck agustdck May 18, 2017
I remembered that time when jeonghan forgot their tablet in the airport at ofd in japan
emerjeoncy emerjeoncy Jun 25, 2017
it's a universal law that at some point in your seventeen fandom life, you've fallen for one of jisoos charms tbh
YoongiandWoozi YoongiandWoozi 6 days ago
literally me, but only because I have bad balance,I get ocd about tied shoes