The Return (Book One in the Wattpad Featured Return Series)

The Return (Book One in the Wattpad Featured Return Series)

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"Why do I remember every detail of the day I was born? It's not just because of the dream; it's because today, October 10, 1997, will be the seventh time." 

Eleanor Blackwell is turning seventeen and although excited about her birthday, she already knows what it will bring. At seventeen Ellie will meet the boy of her dreams, get swept off her feet, and fall in love. But Ellie won't get her happily ever after, because right before her eighteenth birthday she's going to be murdered. 

How does Ellie know this?  

Because this isn't the first time she's lived this's the seventh. 

Every time Ellie is reborn she finds herself surrounded by the same souls of both her friends and enemies, the same love and, ultimately, the same death. Will Ellie be able to discover the secrets those closet to her are hiding? Will she finally be able to change things enough to alter her destiny this time around?  Or, is she cursed to repeat the same mistakes she's made seven other times before and return once again?

***I'd like to credit the amazing cover work to @SoCameraShy! Check out her books-- you'll love them! ***


This series is in the handful of the first books I've read on wattpad and the couple that have stuck with me, so fkn glad that I found it again! ❤️
I started reading book 4 before book 1 and I was hella confused
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EvaBrekelmans EvaBrekelmans Jun 24, 2017
I was born march 23, 2001. So she's 3 years, 5 months and 13 days older than me.
Raineedayz Raineedayz Dec 31, 2017
I don't have wifi right now and my data sucks so it isn't playing 😂😂
sky_20 sky_20 Feb 02, 2017
 #rr it's been so long since i last read the book. I reached book 3 but stopped since it was still ongoing and now I'm back and rereading it lol since i've forgotten a lot of details  😄