Mr.Badboy and Ms.Heartbreaker

Mr.Badboy and Ms.Heartbreaker

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That was one thing that ruled over Xander Brooks' life - the fear of getting too close to someone new, hurting them. No, he refused to hurt another like he did once in the past. He believed this was a topsy-turvy world of anguish, shame and self-torment - he was right, for there was a chemical imbalance in him.


That was one thing that ruled over Skye Nicholson's life. She's known worldwide as the 'Youtube Heartbreaker' because she often sung covers of breakup songs to the players who foolishly fell for her despite knowing who she was and what kind of mind-numbing, heart-wrenching siren-like qualities this girl possessed. She then posts them to Youtube, awaiting the countless views and praise from her fans and the ones who adore her.

Xander was choleric, he was fire and he filled her with a vigor and consumed her with passion. But he destroyed everything he touched, yet he still placed his hands all over her, and inspite of truly knowing who he was, what he did, Skye never turned away, neither did Aiden Carter, the one who got caught in the middle.


"Xan, you can't just shoulder this thing alone. You gotta let someone in or, like I said before, the truth is going to be too much for you to handle. I want to help," 

"How? Do you really think a little heart-to-heart and some sharing and caring is going to change anything, huh? Or somehow heal me? I'm not talking about a bad day, here,"

"I-I know that,"

"What happened. . . .there aren't words. . . .there is no forgetting and there is no making it better because it is right here, the memory as clear as daylight in my mind," he tapped the side of his head for measure and I could almost hear the sound of my own heart breaking for him. He shrugged solemnly, "You wouldn't understand and I could never make you understand. So, I am sorry," 


N.B-Slightly cliché but majority of story is not

Cover by: --CandyQueen--

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Yeah no shiit, if you hear moans someone’s having sexual interactions with someone else how old are you? Three
Price92520 Price92520 Aug 10, 2016
Huh interesting......and it's a girl's perspective GREATTTT!!!!
Ashle4 Ashle4 Feb 07, 2017
I am just realising she is the same little girl from The Game Plan.