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It was an Accident, I swear! (Kirito X Reader)

It was an Accident, I swear! (Kirito X Reader)

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Buppen-chan! By CaliIsABuppen Updated Jul 17, 2016

  Her name was everywhere.
  He hadn't hit her, he had to have missed.
  Or so he thought.
  He had never meant to hit you, in fact, he wasn't even aiming towards you.
  It was all, as he says, a freak ACCIDENT.
  But you refuse to believe him, after everything you've heard from Asuna, both your best friend, and his ex.
  Little did you know, he was going to make you believe him, even if he had to get injured in the process.

NatsuxLucy3 NatsuxLucy3 Jan 11
"I smiled.." I read that and I thought this Asuna would be nice😄
                              I was so wrong. So so wrong😵😵
When I say It doesn't hurt me that means I can freaking bear it!!!!
CloeHigamino64 CloeHigamino64 Nov 02, 2016
Me:hey asuna come here real quick
                              Me:*grabs her shoulder and somehow knocked her out*Dayum  Gurl u fat but let's just get this over with.
                              *timeakip to unknown*
                              Me:*throws asuna* their now y/n we know what to do with ship breakers right.
StarStorm1705 StarStorm1705 Nov 03, 2016
I read the first part of the sentence and I though we were gonna have a nice Asuna. Maybe even a matchmaker, you know, like real friends do.
                              I was wrong.
lanadelreyismybff lanadelreyismybff Sep 22, 2016
So much for best friends why are we always enemies why can't we be friends I mean yeah I get kazuto all the time but that's Bc he likes me so yeah get over it asuna there's always Klein or something
Why did you broke up??!!!!  Remember when I say it doesn't hurt me that means I can bear it