The Big Bad Vampire ~Phan~

The Big Bad Vampire ~Phan~

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(Formerly called Who Would Want To Kiss A Vampire?)

Phil Lester is a punk with a secret. He stalks the streets at night, praying on innocent pedestrians to sink his teeth into. Or, at least what people assume he does.

You see, Phil is a vampire; What people assume to be bloodthirsty monsters, but Phil is different. He's only killed one person before and it was on accident. He'd never mean to hurt anyone. Ever since then, no ones talked to him, unless they wanted him on their team in gym class. 

Well, that is until a tiny boy who wears soft colours and his dark brown curls adorned with flower crowns moves to the city...

Or, when Dan and Phil both find things out about themselves they never knew before, leading them on what one would consider a very grand adventure in the supernatural world.

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ThatFangirl33 ThatFangirl33 Dec 28, 2017
Wait how could a vampire blush if they don't have a heart pumping blood to their cheeks?
PhanAF454 PhanAF454 Mar 17, 2016
I love how at first Phil says soulmates, and then wait! I'm a vampire, I'm cooler than that. Bloodmates!