Boy's Boarding School-My Story  (BOOK 1)

Boy's Boarding School-My Story (BOOK 1)

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You know when you're just so done with life? Meet Amelia Dilaurentis, 17 years old with a whole lot of attitude. 
Born into wealth, so her dad signed a few papers, exchanged some notes and sent her off, her mums a rich brat, her older brother's kinda cray and her younger one is just a looney. Well then.. You think it wouldn't get worse but her brother likes to complicate her life then leading to the possibility that she probably won't fall in love again. 


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queengia114 queengia114 Jun 15, 2016
That's my favorite type of car...WHYYYY YOU DO DIS TO ME😭😭😭😭😭😵
livre_amoureux livre_amoureux Jun 15, 2016
Dude farming is not the only thing we do india .....even the level of maths we learn in sophomore year is  advanced than what you learn in senior year
queengia114 queengia114 Jun 15, 2016
Lol...well I'm laughing like I'm on crack....did I mention hat it's two in the morning and if I wake up my mom I'm gonna die.
queengia114 queengia114 Jun 15, 2016
I read that as "when did you come black"...I really need to go to bed but I'm so hooked
queengia114 queengia114 Jun 15, 2016
This first chapter was amaze balls,I love how at the end her dad said "busted"...can't wait to continue
JustZeena JustZeena Aug 29, 2015
Ok wait, rewind, she got mad when he told her to go to a farm but not when he was 'considering' putting her for adoption??