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dandanrhe By dandanrhe Updated May 27, 2016

At the sound of her name, the hidden person peeked out behind Kristen's leg. Steel blue eyes met my dark irises. Brown, cascading curls fell in front of her light blue eyes. She offered up a small, toothless smile to me. 

I instantly fell in love with my mate. 

"Age?" I asked, never taking my eyes off of my mate, Lyla. 

"Seven," replied Kristen in a whiny voice. 

"Excuse me?" I asked, bewildered by the answer. 

"Seven." Kristen repeated firmly. 

How could Lyla be my mate? Ten years spanned between us! I could be considered a child molester for Christ's sake!


Alpha Conor wasn't expecting a mate and certainly not little Lyla who is ten years younger than him. How is this supposed to work?

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Lmao this girl has some major roasting skills for a 7 year old
She can feel the mate bond but she's too young to understand it. Cute, man😄😍
ElanaJoyce ElanaJoyce Oct 24
jojoazora jojoazora Nov 03
Gyaaahahhahahahahahaha!!!! In your face!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sk3tch1ngFr34k Sk3tch1ngFr34k Jun 30, 2016
Bloody hell! Someone grab the fire extinguisher because that chick is still burning😂
Ailiyah2301 Ailiyah2301 Feb 20
😂😂😂😂damn girl!! I think I found my long lost twin