Devils Little Angel -  A Larry AU

Devils Little Angel - A Larry AU

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prettylouistommo By prettylouistommo Updated Nov 27

Louis has been a straight A student all his life, receiving a full scholarship to London University. Dying in a car crash has left the young lad with little hope of a safe haven. 


When Louis is kidnapped from Heaven, he arrives in Hell, with a hot tempered devil titled Harry.

nick i actually don't mind you but in this fanfic i literally want to kill you
*throws up in mouth* *fly's to U.K.* *spits vomit on icky Nicky*
Louis is me if I ever went to heaven (lmao what am I talking about? Im literally Satan. Im definitely going to hell)
I'll literally be shoked 24/7 because my whole existence is a sin
*purposely falls from heaven into the fiery depths of hell where I am from.*
smolfond smolfond Aug 20
I think it's actually funny how grimmy is always a bitch in larry fics😂