Devils Little Angel -  A Larry AU

Devils Little Angel - A Larry AU

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prettylouistommo By prettylouistommo Updated Jan 01

"Well Louis, I'm the devil and you are in Hell."
Louis, an angel, is dragged to hell from heaven in the after life.  A hot tempered devil awaits his arrival.

mukescottonball mukescottonball Sep 09, 2016
nick i actually don't mind you but in this fanfic i literally want to kill you
AllOfOurScars AllOfOurScars Nov 24, 2016
*purposely falls from heaven into the fiery depths of hell where I am from.*
Lazybums Lazybums 6 days ago
Nigga used gods name in vain when he had to go talk to him. Smh
smolfond smolfond Aug 20, 2016
I think it's actually funny how grimmy is always a bitch in larry fics😂
hellomalachai hellomalachai Mar 21, 2016
why do so many ppl hate him omg he's not that bad he's actually pretty funny & seems like a good friend to harry
Ok sorry but..
                              "My mom is a fighter, always has been, and always will be" states louis, johannah's son. I'm crying.