Harry Potter Next Generation Time Travel: Book 2

Harry Potter Next Generation Time Travel: Book 2

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"This siriusly can't be happening again!" says a now 12 year old Lily Luna Potter who is annoyed on how stupid this situation can be. 
The next generation of the Potter-Weasley clan travels back in time AGAIN to a different era, to be more specific the MARAUDERS era. Which leads to more confusion MORE explaining and more sadness... Of course with a little bit (Note my sarcasm) of fun.

REMINDER: All characters go to J.K Rowling I don't own them. Except for Alice Frankie Longbottom.
Also if you haven't read the first book I recommend you do because i might reference parts of the first book and if i do it might get boring or confuse you.
The cover is by @That-Awkward-Fangirl who has a cover shop so please check her out!

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puffmouse5 puffmouse5 Mar 05
I screamed. Thank you. For this story. And for giving my parents full proof that I am crazy. thank you again.
the-golden-empress the-golden-empress May 03, 2017
*muttering under breath like Kreacher in OotP* filthy, nasty, death eater scum, oh what would Ginny think if she saw me reading of such scum, filthy, double crossing, no good-
iwlupin iwlupin Dec 21, 2016
Whatever helps you sleep at night 
                              Correction: Whatever helps ME sleep at night
MKfan10 MKfan10 Feb 17, 2017
No. I'm crying. I love Neville. They're always there don't forget! 😭
houdini2015 houdini2015 Feb 25, 2017
It won't let me vote for some reason but I am doing it in my mind
TwentyImpalaPanics TwentyImpalaPanics Jan 04, 2017
No James would be ending his 6th year if Lily is ending her 2nd and if his birthday is over the summer or near the end of the year he is old enough