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Some People Can Change (DracoxReader)

Some People Can Change (DracoxReader)

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dOminik sAntorski By AliceLisle Completed

Harry Potter has a twin sister, Y/N.
She and him have quite a rough brotherhood, but nothing major. He gets sorted in Gryffindor and her in Slytherin. She meets a boy, he is blond, with dull grey eyes, he is known as one of the meanest boys in Slytherin. She falls in love with him and he falls in love with her. She falls in love with the one and only Draco, Draco Malfoy.
(Draco x Reader fanfiction)
|| This doesn't follow the storyline perfectly, but it's quite accurate ||~ Alice Lisle

When you're the only person who wants a basalisk instead of a cat dog, owl or toad but Hogwarts said no...
                              YOU DONT LOVE HER
                              STOP LYING WITH THOSE WORDS
That's genuinely sounds like me. I will not hesitate to break a person if they mess with my friends. 
Artie_V Artie_V Jun 15
*gets a bomb* 
                              *blows the chance* 
                              Well Malfoy 🙃
                              You blew up the chance.
                              Bai XD 
                              Nah jk XD 
                              COME HERE AND GIVE MEEEHH HUUUGGGG >w< 
                              No?... okay ;-;... *cries in Emo corner while growing and poking mushrooms*
Ceceliaisanidiot Ceceliaisanidiot Nov 14, 2016
Lol mime names Cecelia my cats named Celia yeah I'm so self centered I would probably do this irl
MCRandPATDfangirl MCRandPATDfangirl Jul 30, 2016
That's so me irl I once broke a girls finger because she was being a bitch to my friends...