Expect The UnExpected ❌On Hold❌

Expect The UnExpected ❌On Hold❌

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XxCactusCOWxX By XxCactusCOWxX Updated Mar 01, 2016


* Lauren Jauregui, 19 year old woman, working on her sophomore year of college. Has a weird relation ship with her parents and she has trust issues. Lauren is not like most girl in the downstairs category only her close friends and family know.*

* Camila Cabello, 17 year old woman, in her senior year of high school. Gets bullied at school and only have one true friend, Dinah Jane. And she slightly dislike her parents.*

One day Camila parents push her over the edge and she leaves.
One day after Lauren when out and grabbed some food and turned down a alley she hears soft sobbing.

Join them on there journey and enjoy you Camren fic!

*This is GIP (girl with male part)
*This is G X G
* Sexual Content
* Strong Language

Reminds me of that kid who said to Dinah " Dinah tell Lawnn I luv her " then Dinah said I'll tell her and I love her too
jessi_loveonlycamz jessi_loveonlycamz Jul 28, 2016
I wonder if they still talk like that... I don't think so :(