Serpentine | HP MARAUDER ERA [2]

Serpentine | HP MARAUDER ERA [2]

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Bianca Reynolds is starting her sixth year at Hogwarts, and she's closer than ever with her four best friends, the Marauders. Voldemort is on the rise, Muggle-borns are being killed, and Bianca is becoming more and more determined to become an Auror in order to help the wizarding world get one step closer to being rid of the Dark wizard and his Death Eaters.

The problem is, she's also keeping a secret from James, Sirius, Remus and Peter; she isn't sure what this secret would do to her friendship with them.

Bianca and Regulus... they're the lion and the serpent...

{Marauder Era}
{Regulus Black}

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I love this because I perfectly represents my relationship with my Mum. She's my best friend.
xoavry xoavry Jul 18
im just imagining him huffing and grumbling as he kicks the couch and lays on it and mocks whatever bianca said
kat_hp kat_hp Apr 16
Ok onion soup might sound gross but it's really fûcking amazing
SarahJIC SarahJIC Mar 28
Hey hey hey 
                              I'm back again 
                              Rereading because this my fav series
emiliefich emiliefich Apr 28
Well, thank you Mum. Where the hell have you been? Coming in when Dad isn't here huh?
xoavry xoavry Jul 18
Man I cant believe they dissolved into tears. Theyre both puddles now