Serpentine {Marauder Era} {2}

Serpentine {Marauder Era} {2}

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Lily W. By queenb816 Updated Jan 05

Book Two of the Dorfingryff Series

Bianca Reynolds is starting her sixth year at Hogwarts, and she's closer than ever with her four best friends, the Marauders. Voldemort is on the rise, Muggle-borns are being killed, and Bianca is becoming more and more determined to become an Auror in order to help the wizarding world get one step closer to being rid of the Dark wizard and his Death Eaters.

The problem is, she's also keeping a secret from James, Sirius, Remus and Peter; she isn't sure what this secret would do to her friendship with them.

Bianca and Regulus... they're the lion and the serpent...

{Marauder Era}
{Regulus Black}

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Oml yes bc it gives the reader the first impression of the book so it has to be good so they keep reading. Ehh wanna give me some tips bc ur writing is awesome?
dragonrush dragonrush Oct 15, 2016
coincidental that i read this during the time period that we're learning about stereotypes like sexism at school XD
kt_boyle kt_boyle Dec 22, 2016
Oh my Lord these books are so great and I read the first in a day
yeralizzardharry yeralizzardharry Nov 01, 2016
I actually really love this because when i say to my family that i wanna travell the world and explore stuff and live my life its weird for society and i really hate this
CerealRomantic15 CerealRomantic15 Oct 14, 2016
If only my parents were like this. They don't even accept the possibility of me only adopting. They want me to get pregnant and get in a relationship.ah, I relate to this too much.
sweetomegas sweetomegas Nov 04, 2016
Same, the thought of getting married and having kids kinda.... repulses me