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Serpentine {Marauder Era} {2}

Serpentine {Marauder Era} {2}

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˗ˏˋ Lily. By queenb816 Updated Jan 28

Book Two of the Dorfingryff Series

Bianca Reynolds is starting her sixth year at Hogwarts, and she's closer than ever with her four best friends, the Marauders. Voldemort is on the rise, Muggle-borns are being killed, and Bianca is becoming more and more determined to become an Auror in order to help the wizarding world get one step closer to being rid of the Dark wizard and his Death Eaters.

The problem is, she's also keeping a secret from James, Sirius, Remus and Peter; she isn't sure what this secret would do to her friendship with them.

Bianca and Regulus... they're the lion and the serpent...

{Marauder Era}
{Regulus Black}

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Bianca when she's an adult: I do have children!
                              Dad: really!😁😃
                              Bianca: ya meet my babies
                              Dad: Bianca, books aren't real people
Oml yes bc it gives the reader the first impression of the book so it has to be good so they keep reading. Ehh wanna give me some tips bc ur writing is awesome?
You can also do things men can't do, like become a dragon every month and give birth
Someone who understands! I mean seriously, a woman does NOT need a man to be successful in life. In all honesty, I plan on not marrying and if I want a kid then I'll adopt one. There are plenty of children out there who need families.
Nefarior Nefarior Jan 20
I love French Onion soup...
                              Anyway, this chapter is an amazing start to this! I'm already very pulled in. I agree with Bianca so much on this...I'm lucky to not anyone in my life that thinks that anyway, thank goodness. That I know of...
I told my parents I don't want to have kids and my dad said that it was disgusting that I said that