Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl

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Crystal By Purrforme Updated Jun 24

Lexi is a girl who has always gotten what she wants, a spoiled brat who lives her life like a princess. 

Bruce is a man who gets his way no matter what, and doesn't tolerate disobedience from anyone. 

Lexi's Father leaves town, leaving behind his best friend Bruce to take care of his little angel. 

Daddy's girl is ready to play...

  • babygirl
  • daddy
  • dominant
  • obey
  • princess
Don't feel as bad now, got a little kids voice half the time😅
just bc she has different preferences than you doesn't mean you have to hate her^
Akwa_Girl Akwa_Girl Jul 06
I'd be screaming saying RAPE A FÛCKING RAPIST IN MY ROOM or even better kicks his dîck
Guys why y'all hatin'?😂😂😂
                              People in my school have Paw Patrol, MLP, Barbie, and Transformers backpacks and they are in 8th grade
tiger8715 tiger8715 Aug 10
NoT THat It'S Any OF youR BEes Wax, But I'm goiNg Out On a DatE. LasT TIme I chEcKed YOU AreN'T THe fAshiOn PolIcE So WhatEvEr I deCide To WEar SHOulDn't BoTheR You At All
*bruce pulls out a pink sparkly badge* bitch I AM the fashion police