locker 183 || hoseok

locker 183 || hoseok

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。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 By taetrash Updated Jan 30, 2016

"hoseok, i heard that you wanted to enter an audition. go for it, i know you can do it. you got some really sick moves dude."

- an irrelevant person

   :: in which a girl slips letters into a boy's locker ::

This is me. Only difference is that there is no Hoseok in my school to whom I could pass these
everybody is and should remain confused about who i am. keep the questions at a minimal at all time
jaehyugs jaehyugs Aug 26
THIS WAS AMAZING! I really enjoyed it! I'm insecure about my writing too, and I'm always shy to publish a chapter lol
I thought she meant that she likes half of the female population ^~^
She just said that Hoseok's a nice person twice—I love her already.
The first line and the story already got me, oh I love Hoseok.