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Hidden - OHSHC Fanfiction

Hidden - OHSHC Fanfiction

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Infinity_Wish By Infinity_Wish Updated Oct 26, 2016

There was once a set of triplets. Two boys and one girl. The girl loved her older triplets dearly and always wanted to be surrounded by them but they didn't. They hated her.
A heartbroken girl who continuously tries to fit in but after one last failed attempt, she left Japan and went to live with her Grandmother. Ten years later, she reluctantly returns. Her brothers have totally forgot about her existence and are now living their carefree lives as the Hitachiin TWINS. 
This is the story of Jun Hitachiin, a once sweet, loving, caring girl who was forced to turn different. 

I do not own Ouran High School Host Club.
Cover made by @YokoKashi. Be sure to check her account!

One of my BFFs is named Alexandra, and she has her own design for her name, too! Btw:  This book is great so far!