Finding Little Parker

Finding Little Parker

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Cameron and Jaike were walking in the park with their newly engaged friends, although they don't get along they were putting everything aside so this wedding could go off without a hitch.
As they were walking in the park Cameron spots a little blue blanket under the trees. She walked over to the little blue blanket with Jaike, gently removing the blanket laid a baby a few months old.

She took the baby into her arms, "Jaike who would just leave a baby in the park?" I asked.

He shrugged his shoulders "I don't know Cam but I think we should take him to the hospital so we can get him checked out and to see if he is missing."

We were now waiting at the hospital for the case worker because he is all healthy and ready to go home with his family.
It wasn't long until they turned up and they hadn't found his parents, I asked "what happens with him now?"

They carefully pick him up "he goes into a foster home, he is young so he shouldn't stay there for long."

I nodded my head and asked "can I take him, I will adopt him if I have to but that is no place for a baby."

The social worker turned to me "I am sorry but a single lady like yourself is in no place to raise a baby by yourself."

As I was then going to respond Jaike cut in "she isn't alone and single she has me her boyfriend and we both want to take him in."

She nodded her head "okay I will make arrangements."

She left the room leaving us with this baby boy, I turned to Jaike and said "you didn't need to do that, I want to have him not for you to be in it half heartedly."

Jaike nodded his head completely ignoring what I had said "we should name him Parker."
I shook my head at the name he had chose in amusement.

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Aliannajeff Aliannajeff May 08, 2017
Hey!! A single mom can do a fine job of taking care of kids thank u very much🙅!
Pheonix_52win Pheonix_52win Mar 18, 2018
That pisses me off. They're are plenty single moms out their why cant a single mom adopt!!
Sapphire1326 Sapphire1326 Nov 18, 2016
That social worker doesn't really have the right to tell someone if they can give a home to a child
amandalee14 amandalee14 Jan 22, 2016
@1CorruptedPath I'm glad someone laughed, thank you for commenting I don't often hear any feedback so again thank you
Playfulax Playfulax Jan 22, 2016
We should name him at first I didn't get it then I laughed.
user67542553 user67542553 Aug 26, 2018
Dem damn rules, who says a single woman can't take care of a child but it's ok if she gets pregnant and has the child as a single. ...i need help with dem rules.