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Destination | August A. | Book 2

Destination | August A. | Book 2

45.3K Reads 2.8K Votes 4 Part Story
✨ By blackgirlpower Updated Nov 03, 2016

The sequel to "My Life".

NakiyahHurt NakiyahHurt Nov 17, 2016
Awe that was cute but I still hate his guts where  is Spencer when u need him team #sami ❤❤❤❤❤
meekyleia meekyleia Oct 31, 2016
See spencer you go missing and this savage trying to still come in and take Tami 🙄
NOL_Jermiah24 NOL_Jermiah24 Sep 28, 2016
*Justin Bieber voice* What do you mean.. OOOOHH when you say your comin back but your mind says kno wha do you mean
ShadyYaya ShadyYaya Oct 21, 2016
I want it to be Ant's. He need some sanity. Plus, if Tami does end up being with Spencer he still has some sunshine in his life
Amber__Artis Amber__Artis Dec 30, 2016
I honestly hope it is Ants baby because his heart will
                              Break if it is not and I know that if Spencer ever comes back and it's Spencers baby it will cause a whole huge fight between them because Ant wont let it go...
QueenBuizness QueenBuizness Nov 12, 2016
He killed her dad not her mom and let's not forget that has biopolar but i know that no excuse