You're My Music (A NaLu Fanfiction)

You're My Music (A NaLu Fanfiction)

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here, you lie. By starsloot Updated 6 days ago

That person enters
your life out of nowhere
and suddenly means
the world to you.

I was always ignored, and I liked it that way. I was completely content with being the invisible girl that sat in the back of the classroom. Then you came into my life like a rush of pounding music notes; you were my accelerando, my crescendo in my slow, quiet high school life. You messed with the notes to the original song; you changed my life.

For good.

My name is Lucy Heartfilia, and this is my song.

cover credits:// @poipoiprince

Please update the plot line is just beautiful and creative! Please update!
SillicaMeow SillicaMeow Mar 25
Please update soon! I love it so far! I wonder if Natsu finds out! I wonder if Makarov knows!
SaltyOrange SaltyOrange Mar 31
OMG mooooorrree. Please this is the greatest book ever ahhhhhhh
                              Thank you author chan
Sometimes the moon is with the sun, Lisanna. But the moon always belongs to the darkness.
                              And that'll never change. Because one day, the sun will burn out. It will become a supernova.
Emeliys Emeliys Mar 22
Omg this is awesome I love this amazing job yes please please please please update cause this is amazing I love it 😍
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