The Bad Boy Going No Where

The Bad Boy Going No Where

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I had just finished feeding the last animal for the night when dad stopped me. He said "Georga we are going to have a young man come and help us on the farm for a while."

I nodded my head "do I know him pa?"

He shook his head "no baby he is from the city, he is working on the farm as part of his parole."

I slowly nodded my head think my father was going to continue any moment telling me he was only joking. 
But moments passed and he was yet to tell me he was joking.

Slowly the sheriffs car came to a stop and the boy stepped out of the car.
He was by far the best looking guy I have seen in a long time, most of the guys from town we just looking for a lay.

My dad and the sheriff were talking the details of his parole, I could see him smirking in my direction so I walked over to him "I never got your name?"

He shrugged his shoulders "that's probably because I never gave it to you!" He bluntly stated.

 I nodded my head "that is true but it would be nice to know your name since we will be working together."

He held out his hand "Matrix is the name, you should be quick to learn it since you would be screaming it very soon."

I nod my head "that is true because I will soon be yelling at you a lot due to your sick perverted mind, it was nice meeting you."

As I was walking away he yelled after me "hey princess I never got your name."

I nodded my head laughing "and you wont, so now you have no name to scream, do you Matrix?" I replied using his name to make my point.

I could hear his gentle laughing from the porch as I headed into the house for a shower.

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drmyam drmyam Aug 01, 2016
Not to be rude or anything but I feel that your exclamation point contradicts "bluntly stated". If you bluntly state something it means without enthusiasm. I usually means that the person doesn't care enough to show emotions or raise their voice. But that is just MY OPINION