Always The Best Friend Never The Boyfriend

Always The Best Friend Never The Boyfriend

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Matilda and I have been best friends since the womb. Our mums went through high school together and then through college.
Matilda was the light of my life, I have loved her since we were ten but she has always been with that no good boyfriend of hers.

After being officially together since the end of year seven she ended the relationship.
Matilda came waltzing into my room throwing herself onto my bed. She yelled into my pillows "I am sick of him."

I wrapped her in my arms "what's happened now Matty?"

She pulled me into her arms "the same as always, he is wanting sex and I wont give it to him because  I'm not in love with him."

I snuggled into her chest gently kissing her "then dump him."

Matty shook her head "Derek I can't do that it's unfair to him."

I kissed up her neck to her ear gently biting down I whispered "it isn't unfair, you aren't in love with him, you have me touch you more then he has ever done."

She nodded her head "your my best friend, it's just us."

I kissed her one last time before getting up, I whispered "yep best friends."

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Lixxie09 Lixxie09 Sep 03, 2016
You are obviously in love!!!! What's holding y'all back??!!😒