Welcome to My Life

Welcome to My Life

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🖊✒️🖋 By PenPoint6 Completed

They start on different sides of a spectrum.
Jason is popular, Percy is a loser.
Jason takes notice in the quiet boy and that's when they start moving towards each other.
It takes 11 years for them to finally be in the middle of the spectrum, meeting and learning about each other together.
Jason learns that there's a lot more to Percy than he reveals and vice versa.
War is close, almost breathing down their necks.
Can they get through this with their love still intact?

Or will it shatter along with Percy's soul?

Jercy (Jason x Percy)

(I don't really know if this sums it up perfectly but I tried.)

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Here_andQueer Here_andQueer Jun 24, 2017
                              I'm sorry I have issues 😂
- - Jul 06, 2016
Hades/Pluto kept it, Nico, Bianca, and Hazel were born before the oath.
DNLU_Band DNLU_Band Dec 06, 2016
I dont understand the book at all… i mean whats with the numbers?
mmizdhry13 mmizdhry13 Aug 05, 2016
OMG YASSSSSSSSSS ive been looking for a fanfic where this would happen, it would make things more interesting, bless your soul for doing this 😆
HPandDivergent HPandDivergent Nov 20, 2016
No one else is thinking about the monster that can and will attack with that many demigods there
HPandDivergent HPandDivergent Nov 20, 2016
K that is 4 demigods right in that class. Are we forgetting about the monsters