The Prince and His Slave [REWRITTEN]

The Prince and His Slave [REWRITTEN]

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Thannujah Mathiy By luckycharms Updated Oct 25, 2017

Arius is the Prince of Egypt and the future Pharaoh: Pharaoh Atumankhkare. Everyone knows how great of a young man he is and he is respected by all of Egypt. However, his claim to the throne is compromised when his noble father dies young and his cruel and power-hungry uncle takes his place.

Chione is a peasant with nothing more than a loving father and the wonderful skill to treat the ill and assist in childbirth. However, she is forced to leave everything in order to work at the Pharaoh's palace so she can afford a treatment to help her sickly father. 

Fate will lead these two very different people to come together and fall in love. And when they do, it doesn't take them very long to realize that they are breaking Egyptian laws and putting both their lives in danger.

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InsaneBigDreamer InsaneBigDreamer Feb 02, 2016
wow this is so cool , i'm so excited , i loved the original version , so i'd love to read it again   can arius get a best friend though , some bromance would be nice
horrorful28 horrorful28 Feb 18, 2016
This looks really good! I'm actually studying to be an archaeologist and I'll let you if there are any inaccuracies and I'll try to fix them as well! (If you want me to) lol
KarlijndeBurger KarlijndeBurger Jun 07, 2016
I really loved the old version and I hope I will love this one as well. I guess the first version of the Prince and his slave was what made me start reading historical fiction here on waytpad. I look forward to reading thia
callalillies21 callalillies21 Jan 13, 2016
@luckycharms quick questions does this mean that they're children lives change too like in the princess and the thief is that gonna get a rewrite to fit with this story line?
callalillies21 callalillies21 Jan 13, 2016
I so excited to read this book I loved the original version and I know I'm gonna love this version because I just love your books @luckycharms
davpol8112 davpol8112 Jan 05, 2016
Yup - just think of Herod's contemporaries - Jesus, Caesar, Augustus, Agrippa. He saw the fall of Jerusalem and had to straddle both the Jewish and Roman worlds. Quite a story.