The Sister Of Mavis

The Sister Of Mavis

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Heartbroken. Betrayed. Hated.

That's what Lucy Heartfilia feels when she is kicked off team natsu, only to be replaced by lissana. However, our dear Lucy isn't the innocent celestial Mage we think she is. She's the legendary Sister Of Mavis; the only one that is stronger than every Mage, dark and good, combined, and the ruler of the universe. What will happen on her journeys? 

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Disclaimer: I don't own fairytail. All rights go to hiro mashima.

Disclaimer: Mild cursing (it's censored)

I feel conflicted..... I honestly dislike Lissana very much, but now she's being nice?? Should I accept her, or.....?
In every ALMOST every revenge or Nalu fanfic Lisanna is either ONE of the best characters or ONE of the worst characters
My heart the pain wish me luck I'm going on a journey to find nalu😭😭😭😭😭😭😨😨😨
Wouldn't that mean that Lucy is like hundreds of years old? You pedophile
Yay! Thank you for not doing an evil!Lisana fanfic. It's really over used