The Sister Of Mavis

The Sister Of Mavis

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Otakyu By MarshmellyPuff Completed

Heartbroken. Betrayed. Hated.

That's what Lucy Heartfilia feels when she is kicked off team natsu, only to be replaced by lissana. However, our dear Lucy isn't the innocent celestial Mage we think she is. She's the legendary Sister Of Mavis; the only one that is stronger than every Mage, dark and good, combined, and the ruler of the universe. What will happen on her journeys? 

Updates on Mondays and Fridays unless otherwise indicated

Disclaimer: I don't own fairytail. All rights go to hiro mashima.

Disclaimer: Mild cursing (it's censored)

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-NALU_is_LIFE- -NALU_is_LIFE- Sep 14, 2017
this timeskip is brought to you by awesomely sharp weapons, always here to serve you. (NOW 85% on SALE JUST FOR MURDERING NATSU 😡😡 ORDER NOW!!) 😕😑
Natsu_senpias_lover Natsu_senpias_lover May 29, 2017
Time skip brought to you by Rogue and Sting having a twerk battle with Natsu and Gajeel
-NALU_is_LIFE- -NALU_is_LIFE- Sep 14, 2017
hmm oh wait is she one of the best Lisanna's? (-looks at previous comment-) hmm MUST CHANGE COMMENT!! 😂😂
Rayne110 Rayne110 Dec 18, 2017
I ship nail cuz they were cute (like child hood nali, so no salty nalu fans mkay?) But like not when the authors make my lissy-chan a bitch
Rayne110 Rayne110 Dec 18, 2017
Roses are red
                              Violets aren't blue
                              Deal with it bitches
                              What does this have to do with the plot
                              Stfu I don't even know
The_anime_devil The_anime_devil Dec 01, 2017
Wait don’t you mean GUILDy
                              Wait don’t go I need friends 
                              Emo corner