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B O O K   T W O

Season 3A

When Cameron thinks everything crazy is finished in her life. A pack of alpha's roll into town causing trouble around every inch of the town. When they think that's not enough, they face several sacrifices through out town and have trouble believing it's not the alpha pack, but a dark druid.

Season 3B

When all is defeated, an old spirit crawls it's way back to Beacon Hills, wanting chaos, strife, and pain among all. The Nogitsune finds it's way into a human, taking ownership. Scott's pack will die trying to save their friend Stiles from the dark spirit. In which some have.

Season 4

Traveling to Mexico to save her brother, Cameron comes across the woman who murdered her family who should've been dead. Along with a deadpool, created by a banshee from Eichen House who wanted all the supernatural people dead.

Disclaimer: I don't own the tv show Teen Wolf.

I will take ownership of my characters :

Cameron Evelyn Hale & Nate Elliott Williams

And any other peeps I probs forgot.

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And after saying that sentence Derek realised he was a SAVAGE 💗🌼