Damned Pure-blood Prince [Book #1 of the Damned Series; Completed]

Damned Pure-blood Prince [Book #1 of the Damned Series; Completed]

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Book #1 of the Damned series.
     Juliet's life has never gone her way. She's never had friends and with abusive parents, it couldn't get much worse. There seemed to be a time when she was happy and had a friend, but it seemed like a dream, which is all it was. Her mind's way of escaping the hell she lives in. She can't seem to catch a break. And then she gets captured by a prick who achieved the impossible, making her life worse.


     The way I update will annoy some of you people, and hey, I get it. I hate it to. I have a condition seriously rendering my writing skills. It's called...chronic writer's block. I get this brilliant idea and end up spam-updating and then go for like a month. I'm sorry in advance. I also don't do a lot of author notes so don't expect page-long notes not pertaining to the story. Ok I'm done ranting. Thanks for reading. (If you don't it's ok. Thanks anyway.)
     None of these pictures and/or videos are mine (unless stated).
     Not for the light-hearted. (Trigger warning.) Will have abuse depression, and subjects offensive to some people. You have been warned.
     LATER EDIT- Ok. Hello. Yea so chapters 1 & 2 isn't really the main focus of the book. I re-read them and realized some things. I dislike chapters 1 & 2 but not enough to take them down. Thanks for understanding.

As of now highest ranking: #8 in 'Vampire' (3-20-16) (Thanks guys!)

This is the first book of the Damned series.
Book #1 Damned Pure-blood Prince
Book #2 Dammed Pure-blood Royals

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EvermoreQ EvermoreQ Apr 27, 2017
This paragraph is confusing...she got thrown out by her parents but someone else took her in?
HarleyQuinn387 HarleyQuinn387 Oct 26, 2017
I will read them I am new to watt pad and I think I should if I like it I’ll tell u if I hate it I’ll tell u but feedback never hurts
crimson_night47 crimson_night47 Jun 11, 2017
I get that it's bad what he's doing/saying but doesn't he realize that he just called himself trash
durandconnie durandconnie Apr 18, 2017
Glad to hear that there is no insest so you didn't disappoint me.
MsGirlEV MsGirlEV Apr 27, 2017
God, she really does sound like she looks like a vampire. Ginger hair is my favorite hair color, though I don't quite like silver eyes with it :)
MeepdoesMCthewizard MeepdoesMCthewizard Jul 07, 2017
                              [I'm the author this is for possible future reference and will serve as an apology for the typo.]