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The Tattooed Bad Boy #Wattys2016

The Tattooed Bad Boy #Wattys2016

5M Reads 194K Votes 44 Part Story
☆ Shiwii ☆ By ThePsychoMadHatter Completed

Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction!!


"He is well known."
 "He is bad news."
 "He is dangerous."
  "He is a criminal."
  "Stay away from him!"
  These were all the things Zoe heard about Hunter. Hunter Adams, the school's well known bad boy. Zoe had only heard about him. She also saw him a few times smoking a cigarette and she would get disgusted and just walk past him. She never knew if he noticed her though -not that she cared either. Her purpose was to finish school and get a good job so she doesn't get homeless. 
  Zoe seems average, but she is not. She has so much going on at home. All she secretly wishes, is that someone would save her. But she keeps on hiding all the pain behind her cute smile. Zoe is attractive; there was no doubt in that, but who knows what her clothes are hiding? Her bare body, or her bare body with scars? 
  Zoe's life completely changes when one day the well known bad boy claims her as his. Unexpected turns, unwanted feelings, and a road of disappointments are waiting for Zoe.
  Her whole world is about to change.

KristelleJeanNodo KristelleJeanNodo 2 days ago
I dont understand the story in this earlier position! Who is she talking about?
LeePrissy LeePrissy 2 days ago
But normal is so last century.. you need to evolve hun, everyone is a different kind of Krazy these days
Therearenomore Therearenomore a day ago
I'm already intrested this is already my type of book like I LOVE U ALREADY DAMN GURL
NikiRocks214 NikiRocks214 a day ago
😂 best authors note ever after the one in She's with Me 😂
Nia_Mulan Nia_Mulan a day ago
Sounds like me standing in front of my fridge "don't eat the brownies, don't look at the cream cheese, don't fantasize about the cake and don't even think about eating anything but that apple" 
                              I still grab the brownie...
MinamGoh3 MinamGoh3 a day ago
My appearance screams potato but I'm not a potato. I'm human 
                              SO YOUR POINT IS 😑