The Beauty of Imperfection

The Beauty of Imperfection

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Fuzen Kanpeki has shattered.

With permission from the Hokage, she has left all she has known: her family, her house, her village, her friends. She has only one goal in mind. She must grow stronger. She must grow stronger than her father, than her sadness, strong enough to live and breath beneath this guilt that pulls her down. 

Because she knows. She knows it's her fault that he died. She knows that she's always been weak. And she knows that she must overcome.

Just how far will Fuzen go to find the strength that she needs?

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TheWorstOne TheWorstOne Jun 14
I'm still crying over "You'll regret not going on that date with me"
I just finished the first book and I'm still sobbing. WHY AUTHOR-CHAN??? WHY?!?!!!
Katsu-K Katsu-K Aug 13, 2016
                              Is this a sequel?
                              Good thing I read comments.
                              I must go find the first book
niya425 niya425 Jan 31
Kiba you can shut up you don't even know what she went through 
                              So for you to do that was wrong😒
sammiuchiha sammiuchiha Dec 20, 2015
Please, please, please update soon, I just read imperfectly perfect in one night, went to start this book and it only had a prologue
ihavea_newaccount ihavea_newaccount Dec 15, 2015
I love your works, and this story seems to have a great start. I hope you update this soon :o